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Welcome to BlueScale2013 Design

Template features

We are glad to announce BlueScale2103 Free Magento template.

New features

  • CSS3
    This free theme uses only CSS for fast loading.
  • Partially responsive layout
    Site width from 990px to 1200px.
  • Homepage category layouts
    There are 3 layouts for category on the home page available.

Must-have free Magento Extensions

  • Custom Magento Menu
    Our informative top menu for Magento. Displays all subcategories at once.
  • EM Quickshop
    Magento extension allows you to quickly view product details on the same page. We have applied BlueScale2103 style for EM Quickshop.
  • EasyTabs
    This small extension will help to add informational tabs on product page. We have applied BlueScale2103 style for EasyTabs Magento extensions.
  • Quick Feedback
    Quick Contact allow customers send the feedback to your site in easiest and fastest way. We have applied BlueScale2103 style for Quick Feedback Magento extensions.
  • AW blog
    The Blog extension provides your regular customers with up-to-date information.

Free Sample Data

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